Ganomás Café Capuccino Healthy Coffee

Your coffee loaded with protection–Yes, it’s possible! Finally there is a healthy coffee that tastes fabulous too!
Ganomás is loaded with antioxidants and beneficial nutrients that may improve your overall health. Complemented with Wellmune®, immuno-based beta glucans, Ganomás  contains ganoderma lucidum extract, lactid calcium complex, micronutrients, coffee and non-dairy cream.

FuXion Probal Hormonal Balance

Put your life in harmony with Probal!
Probal was developed to promote hormonal balance in men and women.  It can be used by both adults and teenagers alike. This supplement may be beneficial during menarche, menopause and andropause thanks to its natural herbal ingredients and antioxidants for general health. Probal contains amino acids, vitamins, non GMO soy extract, marigold extract (lutein) and achiote.

FuXion Liquid Fibra

Punctuality, a virtue in your digestive system!
Liquid Fibra/Fiber nourishes the intestinal flora and naturally regulates the rhythm of the evacuations. It contains dietetic and prebiotic fiber (inulin chicory), vitamins and minerals.

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FuXion Termo Té

Termo Té–Extra energy to eliminate the extra pounds!

An herbal tea that can helps digest fat and support your metabolism and digestion. It increases the body’s thermogenic ability and contains malabar tamarind, inositol (vitamin B-H) and lemon oil.

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FuXion Vita Energía Xtra T Product Video

This is an incredible multi-vitamin and antioxidant drink that was developed as a nutritional source of energy that enhances mental focus. This supplement supports cellular health and is made with a combination of natural ingredients including amino acids, vitamins, minerals, fruit extracts, acai berry, purple corn anthocyanin, camu camu and marigold extract

For maximum physical performance and mental focus, try combining FuXion’s ON supplement with Vita Energía Xtra T.

Live every day to the max!

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FuXion OFF Product Video

Lower your stress levels and sleep better!

FuXion’s OFF contains calming natural ingredients that help you to improve mental focus and relax at the same time. OFF is a natural combination of herbal extracts, fundamental amino acids and magnesium that helps calm your mind and body.  Did we mention it tastes incredible too?!

Whether you need a great night’s sleep or a less anxious mind, OFF can help!


FuXion ON Product Video

ON is very easy to use and instantly dissolves in water. Try using ON to improve your mood and outlook naturally. It helps stimulate brain function and eliminate feelings of fatigue. It is ideal for long concentration periods or to support physical performance and endurance. It contains a natural combination of herbal extracts, amino acids and vitamins and tastes fabulous! Use ON for an affordable and safe energy boost made with incredible ingredients for a fraction of what you would pay for an unhealthy energy boost drink at the store.

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