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Highest Quality Protein Shake Available (Vegan & Natural!)


vegan, natural, live, protein, highest availability, clean, organic, plant based

Fuxion has an amazing new protein shake that delivers the highest quality protein your body has ever experienced and tastes like dessert. Seriously!

Bio Pro X Active is a completely clean protein that is vegan. It has the same bioavailability as animal proteins, but is from live plant proteins with sprouted gluten-free grains, DHA, ARA and is non-gmo, gluten-free, sugar-free and lactose-free as well.

This protein comes in 2 delicious flavors and 3 protein types. The flavors include Vanilla and Cinnamon and Chocolate and Hazelnut. Enjoy today at the lowest prices. Get yours here:


Questions? Contact us by phone or text at 435-200-3358 or by email at FuxionNow@Gmail.com

Treat yourself to gourmet coffee and stay fit!

burn fat and lose weight with healthy coffee

The majority of Americans drink coffee every day. Now thanks to Fuxion, there is a new healthy, gourmet coffee that helps you lose weight, become healthier, has zero calories and will save you money.

Fuxion’s C and C Fit helps people lose weight and balance their insulin levels, making this the perfect coffee for both burning fat and supporting a healthy metabolism in the body.

Fuxion products are changing the way we drink in America! Get your delicious coffee today at IamFuxion.Net/FuxionHealth

Questions? Contact us today by phone or text at 435-200-3358 or by email at FuxionNow@Gmail.com


Gourmet Coffee That Burns Fat!

Fat Burning Gourmet Organic Coffee

To all the coffee lovers out there, that have a little extra fat to burn or overall weight loss goals, I’ve got the perfect drink for you!

Fuxion has created a new coffee product, C & C Fit, that is a combination of Gourmet Coffee and Green Bean Extract. It tastes so delicious and of course is always sugar-free, gluten-free and non-GMO.

Get this delicious and healthy coffee at below wholesale pricing here: IamFuxion.net/fuxionhealth

Questions? Call or Text anytime at 435-200-3358 or reach us by email at FuxionNow@Gmail.com

The Fuxion USA Founder’s Plan

USA Fuxion Founders Plan Compensation

The USA Founder’s Plan is here and it is the most competitive compensation plan ever created in our industry. If you want to join our fast growing #1 USA Fuxion Team, let’s get you started!

Contact us today by Phone/Text at 435-200-3358 or email us with any questions at Contact@FuxionHealth.com and we’ll give you all the brand new exciting details. We’ve always had the most competitive health products and now we have the most competitive compensation plan as well!

Don’t sit and watch–We are taking Fuxion to a billion dollar company.

Join us here:  www.iamfuxion.net/fuxionhealth

Zero Calories and 100% Natural!

sugar free calorie free natural drink water

The Fuxion products have literally been a life changer for many people already in Fuxion’s young life in the United States. These products are meant to do something very simple; SWITCH from drinking pops, coffees, teas, juices, gatorades, etc. that have ingredients that are harmful to our bodies, to Fuxion drinks! When drinking Fuxion products, you are delivering high potency nutrients into your body, at a better price than the market comparables. Bottom line, stop ingesting what is putting a lot of people into a state of ill health, and start ingesting the Fuxion functional beverages! Furthermore, the Fuxion products taste amazing. There is literally no reasons not to switch to Fuxion.

The difference is clear. Go with Fuxion and give your body clean, honest energy. I am offering some fantastic promotions right now if you place a 20 PV or higher order. If you are interested in trying the Fuxion products, simply visit www.iamfuxion.net/fuxionhealth and check out our products. You can also email me with any questions at FuxionNow@Gmail.com

There is a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee, even if you use all of the product. Again, no reason not to switch. 🙂

The BEST App Ever Created For This Industry!

best app for network marketing, tools


The BEST app ever created for this industry is at your fingertips. Our team has created the most innovative and easy to use app to grow your business from anywhere at anytime. Present videos, text sample options, ping your upline fora 3-way call, training, nutrition facts, see when your prospects take action, follow-up reminders, integrated maps for events and so much more. Join our growing Fuxion team and get your app and free leads from us. Let’s help you reach your health and business dreams!

When you need a daytime pick-me-up….

Fuxion On Mental Energy and Focus

Try Fuxion ON! This natural whole food drink works immediately to boost mental function and fight fatigue. It tastes delicious and will elevate your mood and increase your energy. It is made with herbs and organic tea. Simply mix with water or enjoy as an iced tea this summer and you won’t believe how quickly it works.

Order your ON and/or your favorite Fuxion drink here.

The Movement Begins

nutraceutical fusion

Randy Gage discusses 7 factors that are going to make Fuxion the BIGGEST worldwide movement that the network marketing industry has ever seen. There is an incredible new app coming that will be integrated with the WhatsApp technology to take our business communication to the next level. I also suggest checking out the current free apps available including the Fuxion Catalog and Fuxion XScan which include state of the art reality technology and can be switched back and forth between Spanish and English options.

With everything from the ability of Fuxion’s products to be shipped anywhere in the world with inexpensive shipping prices to the most competitive and affordable wellness products on the global market, it’s an exciting time to be part of Fuxion’s history.

Join our team today and build your legacy with this ground-level opportunity that will grow for many years to come.

Enroll Here (It means I am Fuxion) and Click Join:

We recommend starting with 1-2 Fuxion wellness products to experience these incredible whole food supplements for yourself as well as they are super easy to sample out. Enrollment is always FREE!

Join Fuxion & Get Started Today!


join fuxion and get started

Learn how to easily get started, duplicate your business quickly and become part of our fast growing, supportive team. Randy Gage is our direct team upline. You have the opportunity to get onboard with the best of the best with full support!

Contact us today by Phone/Text at 435-200-3358 or by email at Contact@FuxionHealth.com

Ready to start now? Enroll through us at https://www.soyfuxion.net/fuxionhealth


Join Fuxion

best networking marketing company usa, join fuxion, get started, fusion

We have several top spots on our leadership team still available in the new launch of Fuxion Biotech, the Peruvian Company of the Year in 2015 that is just launching into the USA right now.

Join our supportive team today and take your health and wealth to the next level!

Call or Text us at 435-200-3358 if you’d like to learn more.  You can also reach us at Contact@FuxionHealth.com.

Fuxion Business Partners

join fuxion business opportunity, get started

Our growing team is looking for several more business partners with Fuxion for top level positions that will grow for many years to come.

Do you know anyone we can invest our time and resources into? We would like to help these two individuals be making a few hundred dollars minimum a month within the next 30 days with a potential for far more income.

Please have them contact us at Contact@FuxionHealth.com

Thank You!

One Team & One Dream

One Fuxion, One Team

One Team. One Dream. One Last Time.

The finest leadership team in Network Marketing has come back for one final, epic adventure. The Mission: to partner with FuXion, the hottest, emerging company in the entire world!

If you believe in the power of a dream–We want you on our team!

If you would like to discuss our opportunity further, please reach us at Contact@FuxionHealth.com

Fuxion Opportunity Presentation

If you have ever looked at Network Marketing as a way to generate another stream of residual income, then I suggest that you take a look at Fuxion. This is the FIRST time in the history of Network Marketing, since its inception in 1956, that a $100+ million dollar company is launching into the United States out of Latin America.
If you look across the industry, this business model has created more millionaires than any other business model in the world. The million dollar earners in Network Marketing weren’t born with something more special than you or I, they simply got into a company at the exact right time. The problem is that the majority of people join start ups that have a 95% failure rate, or they come into companies already past their growth curve. So the chances of generating large income streams is low. But, with this situation, we are on the very front end of the growth curve and if you stick with it and grow with the Company, there is a high probability that you could create income that you never thought possible.
 And yes, Randy Gage is our direct team upline. You have the opportunity to get onboard with the best of the best with full support!
If you would like to discuss our opportunity further, please reach us at Contact@FuxionHealth.com
This is a rare situation not to be missed!


Imagine what FuXion can do for both your physical and financial health!

Reach us at Contact@FuxionHealth.com with any questions you may have and let’s get you started on your Fuxion dream today!

Historic First In The History of Network Marketing!

Fuxion Patents



fuxion health wellness nutrition supplements tea beverage instant drink energy

FuXion is a new company in the United States, that has been in the Network Marketing Industry for 8 years in 12 countries in Latin America. Annual revenue is $112 million per year. There are over 400,000 Distributors in Latin America, but just getting started in the United States. This is the FIRST TIME IN THE HISTORY of Network Marketing that a $100+ million dollar company is coming INTO the U.S. from other countries, with no autoship commitment.

Get started as a member of our awesome, supportive team today!

Ganomás Café Capuccino Healthy Coffee

Your coffee loaded with protection–Yes, it’s possible! Finally there is a healthy coffee that tastes fabulous too!
Ganomás is loaded with antioxidants and beneficial nutrients that may improve your overall health. Complemented with Wellmune®, immuno-based beta glucans, Ganomás  contains ganoderma lucidum extract, lactid calcium complex, micronutrients, coffee and non-dairy cream.

FuXion Probal Hormonal Balance

Put your life in harmony with Probal!
Probal was developed to promote hormonal balance in men and women.  It can be used by both adults and teenagers alike. This supplement may be beneficial during menarche, menopause and andropause thanks to its natural herbal ingredients and antioxidants for general health. Probal contains amino acids, vitamins, non GMO soy extract, marigold extract (lutein) and achiote.

FuXion Liquid Fibra

Punctuality, a virtue in your digestive system!
Liquid Fibra/Fiber nourishes the intestinal flora and naturally regulates the rhythm of the evacuations. It contains dietetic and prebiotic fiber (inulin chicory), vitamins and minerals.

Purchase Liquid Fibra here.

FuXion Termo Té

Termo Té–Extra energy to eliminate the extra pounds!

An herbal tea that can helps digest fat and support your metabolism and digestion. It increases the body’s thermogenic ability and contains malabar tamarind, inositol (vitamin B-H) and lemon oil.

Get this great tasting drink here!

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